By Liz Naidoo.


When Vanessa Goosen agreed to bring home a parcel from Thailand for a friend, the then 21 year old Former Miss SA Semi-finalist never knew that she would be giving away 16 years of her life.

One would never guess the trauma and suffering that the woman across me had to go through for 16 years in a foreign prison which knew and gave no mercy. My first impression of Vanessa Goosen was of a poised and charming woman, one who loves to show off a winning smile. I met with her recently in Gauteng to cover her story, not just another Vanessa Goosen story but one of HOPE and RESTORATION and the love of an amazing God. Over hot coffee to keep the Gauteng chills away I begin to hear firsthand the VANESSA GOOSEN story. Not what the media says, but from the lady herself and afterward I knew in my heart that when one comes out of something so traumatic, yet still manages to live her life to the fullest, it is only through the power of an awesome God…..