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I am calculated from all the familiarities that have chased me down, challenged me and crafted me with distinction. My character is an amalgamation of both sorrows and victories. During lockdown in 2020 I was compelled to write a book from the abundance of my cracked and healed heart.

In a serendipitous manner, my path collided with the Editor of Woman of Faith Magazine, in quest for a foreword for my book. Liz then contacted me saying “I cannot put this book down, I would love to feature you on the cover of my magazine” This door knocked and unlocked up factual sisterhood among two souls in a boarder locked countries. We live in two different countries in an unprecedented time rampant with a global pandemic yet…

Our hearts synchronised to a common beat, a rhythm we both recognised instantaneously. It is easy to sing from the same hymn sheet when you are cut from the same cloth. So take heart sisters you can find real camaraderie anywhere in the world and my prayer is that; this platform; this magazine together with my book will envelope you to new pinnacles!   May you unleash power and all your heart’s desire to SOAR! So get wild about finding your tribe, your voice and your legacy as you delve deeper!!

Woman of Faith Magazine cover feature in March 2020 answered to my profile picture and thus this paved the way for me to become the BRAND AMBASSODOR for this international publication. I contribute a monthly column in the magazine “Don’t Just Fly, SOAR.” Equivalent as the title of my book.

“Don’t just fly, SOAR” is a must read book if you are looking for inspiration, opportunity to create a positive difference and motivated to leave a profound legacy. In addition it includes 25 development tools for self enhancement. This book does not promote the author but a course – a higher path. Together we can leave a better world for future generations. A superior world depends on us all!

This testimony is more than words. It is a life changing motivation to live better. It is witness that you can achieve professional success, change the narrative dished out to you, and harness meaningful relationships. Ignite your self-worth and find peace in the most intense storm. It generates an inspirational witness as a stimulus made human. My life spells resilience and speaks of sensational encouragement. A sassy South African native transitioned to a proud citizen of New Zealand and now happily domiciled in Australia.

My life and knowledge has touched and conveyed remedial to souls globally. A multilayered treasure to draw from, the superpower of: a nurturer, motivator, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a visionary. Ample in experience – a book and life that shatters genre boundaries. Through my words, you will see me transform into a resilient consciousness as I evolve from new immigrant to citizen, from a grieving woman to a triumphant woman.

The power to transcend lies within you and you can do this with panache despite distressing circumstances. My narrative will dare the reader to self-introspect and self-regulate this one audacious life as you heal and restore your heart, soul and ultimately humanity. My book created waves well and truly before it was published so get in aligned to have your socks blessed off as you ignite to the next level but firstly you need to source this book and SOAR in your own way after you read it.

Best regards

Kelly Markey