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August is Women’s month in South Africa.
The 9th of August is set aside as a public holiday and celebrated as Women’s Day.

National Women’s Day in South Africa is exceptional to every woman in our land; it’s a day when we come together as sisters, regardless of race, colour or creed.

We congregate to appreciate our journeys, to root for each other, to commend and to applaud each other’s strengths, courage and resilience.  We celebrate our worth, our tenacity, our contribution as mothers, homemakers and women in the workforce and our society in general.

This is a day that we take pride in, we put on our prettiest frocks and we celebrate our victories of the past, present and the future to come.

Together we are strong; together we have a voice, together our voices are heard.

Woman of Faith Magazine shares in this victory, our annual conferences are celebrated with God being the nucleus of it all, it’s fun, vibrant, classy and stylish.  The food is great and the company is greater! Looking forward to another awesome event after the pandemic, ladies in SA, brace yourselves; we will soon walk that Journey.